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8-bit PONG released to the Android Market!

8-bit PONG, our most recent game, have just entered the Android Market. In this retro remake of the classic PONG game you will find unique, 8-bit style graphics and music. We really hope you will enjoy it and feel the touch of the 80s!

Similarly to our previous titles, 8-bit PONG features convenient Facebook integration and a handful of OpenFeint achievements to unlock.

We joined OpenFeint community

We are happy to announce that Blockerix and Daisy Wishes are now OpenFeint Enabled - we invite you to join one of the coolest mobile gamer platforms!

Applications released to alternate markets

From now on, our applications can be found not only on Android Market, but also on alternate application markets, like Pdassi and Handster.

We hope that all of you, that can't get paid apps from Android Market, will find on these sites a convenient way for acquiring our games.

Blockerix Lite extended with 4 additional levels

In response to the requests of Blockerix Lite users we decided to extend the fun and open 4 additional levels that can be played with this free version of Blockerix. The change comes in together with 2.0.2 update available now on the Android Market.

Facebook integration updates for Blockerix and Daisy Wishes released

Today we have published 2.0 versions of Blockerix and Daisy Wishes games. Since now, all achievements unlocking and new high scores can be shared with friends via Facebook plug-in.

In every app you will find a Facebook Login button on the main menu. Login once and start boasting about what you have achieved in our games!

Daisy Wishes

Game View

Loves me or loves me not? Daisy will tell you the truth!

Application refers to a traditional flower game of French origin. Enter name or select one of your contacts and pick off daisy petals to find the answer. Pluck any petal you want and play with it. Not only usual wishes are included, but also more modern and funny versions.

Immediately after result you can share a good word with your friends using integrated Facebook plugin or simply with your default SMS application.



Game View

Blockerix is an addictive, novel game about colorful crystals matching. Destroy tapped crystals and let others fall in a way that gives you the most points. Rotate the phone to change the gravity and a direction crystals fall.

Game offers:
- 3 modes differing in scoring rules
- original, chill-out music line
- 50 achievements - are you good enough to unlock them all?

In free Lite version you may play up to 10 level in one of the modes and you can unlock only 10 of 50 achievements.


Blockerix and Daisy Wishes released to Android Market!

We proudly announce that Blockerix (together with free, Lite version) and Daisy Wishes were published to the Android Market and are now available for the Android users. We hope that you will enjoy them.